Combi gripper

to remove feed and the mechanic of IBIS, Pelikan 100 and Pelikan 100N (as long as the feed had 3 gills)


Picture kindly provided by J.v. Putten
Pelikan gripper
outer part to remove a nib unit, inner part to unscrew the mechanic
IBIS gripper
only to remove the mechanic
original black&white photo of the tightness testing system.
(test adapter fitted into the place where usually the mechnic is mouted)
tightness testing system
for caps
tightness testing system
substitutes the cap top
tightness testing system
adapter for cap-tops (original)
tightness testing system
adaptor for the mechanic  (original)

Nib-mounting tool
picture kindly provided by T. Westerich

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